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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About Me!

My journey began 1-1-06 when I began chasing my paperwork for my China adoption...still waiting. In the back of my mind I have always had a desire for two children. Although I have remained confident that the China adoption will eventually happen I was not sure how or where child #2 would come from. Six months after I was accepted to the China program CCAA announced that they would no longer approve additional singles to adopt. I now have that answer... Ethiopia! My adoption agency has expanded to other countries and allowing those of us that are still waiting to do concurrent adoptions. Journey #2 has now begun ...GOD'S LITTLE SURPRISE!

Adoption Timeline

Adoption Timeline
4-6-09 Received e-mail from Great Wall that they were expanding there adoption to include Ethiopia, Rwanda, & Mexico and that they would allow concurrent adoptions while there families wait to be matched in China.
4-7-09 Spoke to Beth at Great Wall about the details. Found out that there would only be 4 single slots this year and submitted my application later that day.
9-17-09 Received completed homestudy.
9-18-09 My Dossier for Saige Elizabeth Burke was mailed out today.
11-6-09 Power of Attorney sent to Ethiopia.
10-19-09 Dossier sent to Ethiopia.
11-9-09 Spoke to Susan Payne and I am #3 on the list.
11-24-09 It's official #2 on the list.
12-22-09 #1 on the list. We will see Saige's precious face in January.
1-18-10 REFERRAL DAY!!!!!
2-10-10 Sent CPR to Illien
4-1-10 Received court date 4-28
4-6-10 My managers gave me a suprise baby shower
4-10-10 Mom and Shannon gave me baby shower
4-28-10 We Passed Court